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As an internationally recognized organic chemist with 35+ years experience in scientific research and higher education teaching and administration, Prof Capon founded ChemoType as a vehicle for providing specialist consultancy services. 

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A summary of ChemoType consultancy services is outlined below.


Expert Opinions on Evidence:    We are experienced in reviewing evidence on a wide range of chemical matters, including the interpretation of regulations and laws pertaining to proscribed chemicals, and the analysis and validation of chemical analyses and related forensic data. We work work closely with legal teams to deliver expert opinions in support of clients facing serious legal actions, including those ranging from the importation, possession and/or distribution of proscribed substances, through the misappropriation of trade secrets, to murder. 

Expert Opinions on Intellectual Property:   We are well versed in the challenges associated with identifying, protecting and defending chemical intellectual property, having worked closely with a range of clients, progressing through the discovery process to identify and clarify key issues, and articulate a clear expert opinion. Our services range from assisting companies in the protection of intellectual property (i.e. filing patents), through to assessing the validity of existing intellectual property (i.e. defending or overturning patents). We have consulted for clients with modest requests, through to those requiring advice on patents that underpin multibillion dollar products.

Expert Testimony in Court:‚Äč  Prof Capon is a persuasive and highly credible scientific advocate, with a reputation for working closely with clients, their legal teams and the courts, to provide clear and concise expert testimony. Prof Capon is experienced in delivering expert testimony in civil and criminal trials, in Australian State Magistrates and Supreme Courts.


Organization Reviews:   Prof Capon has served on review committees for a range of large organizations, including the Australian Institute for Marine Science, the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, the Queensland Brain Institute, plus a number of prominent University Schools and Centres.

Research Grant Reviews:  Prof Capon has provided expert advice on applications for research funding by Australia's peak funding bodies, the Australian Research Council (ARC), and the National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC), as well as numerous international government agencies, including those in Holland, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, China and New Zealand. 

Academic Appointments:  Prof Capon has considerable experience in the oversight of teaching and research, research focused, teaching focused, and clinical academic appointments, serving as a representative on appointment committees across all UQ Faculties, Schools and Institutes.

Academic Promotions:  Prof Capon has provided expert advice on the promotion of senior academics across many Australian and international universities, including those in New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, USA, Kuwait and Brazil.

Research Thesis Examinations:  Prof Capon has a long and distinguished career in training and mentoring postgraduate students, and the management of research higher degree programs. Prof Capon is regularly called on to provide examinations for Australian and international PhD candidates.